By Zombieraptor - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=40785800

Zomboy‘s new label Rott N’ Roll has dropped the first track, “Flatlined,” a collaboration between Zomboy and Micah Martin.

In classic Zomboy fashion, the production maintains a high energy throughout. It opens with Martin’s powerful vocals and hard rock sound. Zombody builds the production up into a relentless drop with screaming mid basses, gut-punching percussion, and grueling high-pitched synths. The ensuing insanity doesn’t stop after the first drop, as Zomboy and Micah Martin take things to the next level with a triplet-based light synth dances atop the unforgiving percussion.

“‘Flatlined’ is a super special project for me, not only is this my first release of the year, but it’s the first release to come out on my brand new record label Rott n’ Roll Records,” Zomboy tells ThisSongSlaps. “The project came about really quickly after the super talented Micah Martin approached me backstage at a show and suggested we worked on something. It just so happened that on that day I had started an idea which was going to match his vocal style perfectly. I hope everyone loves this song nearly as much as I do, but judging by the reactions I’ve been getting from playing it out live… I don’t think that will be a problem!”

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