Zomboy Rott N' Roll Pt 2 Never Say Die Records

U.K. producer and DJ Zomboy (real name Joshua Mellody) has released his second wave of Rott N’ Roll on Never Say Die Records. This sinister EP comes during the revered DJ’s North American tour.

Zomboy’s signature sound is amongst the heaviest in the bass world. His tasteful array of sonic hors d’oeuvrs certainly makes a headbanger’s mouth water. Zomboy opens Rott N’ Roll Pt. 2 up with “The Beast,” a cynical bass onslaught that implements trap sounds with a smooth transition into drumstep. “Born to Survive,” which features rx Soul, is a warmer track. While it’s still unbelievably powerful, the track is reassuring that you were born to survive.

“Lone Wolf” is the middle ground to the entire EP. It saw a release earlier this year as a teaser to this fiery EP. Zomboy utilizes a warm piano and an airy vocal. “Revival” is perfectly placed, as it revives you to finish off the EP… if you’ve made it this far in. “End Game” is the most different. It takes a midtempo approach and really waves the surrender flag high. If you’re not prepared for multiple balls of bass hurled at you, then be cautious as you enter into the bass forest that is Rott N’ Roll Pt. 2.

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