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Zeds Dead share remixes for ‘Blood Brother’

Zeds Dead share remixes for ‘Blood Brother’

Zeds Dead, Reija Lee, and Diskord’s “Blood Brother” release gets three impeccable, bass heavy, and sonically diverse remixes from Manic Focus, Conrank, and Loge21.

The first remix is Loge21’s bass house spin. Four-on-the-floor and full of sonic rotation, Loge21 adds a jazzy retro feel to the entire piece. Pitched vocals, sweeps, and moving bass are fluent throughout the remix’s entirety. They unleash a sub-frequency focused drop with sharp synths, bass stabs, and flawless vocal transitions.

The Manic Focus remix keeps stays truer to Zeds Dead’s heavy dubstep sound. Jump starting the remix is a distorted pluck, subtle synths, and drum and bass influenced percussion. Those elements aren’t there stay, though. They introduce quite remarkably, but Manic Focus quickly takes the track to a new level by utilizing widely separated percussion to build and release a lavish, future bass, video game, dubstep-styled drop the first time around. Manic Focus takes a drum and bass route for the second drop, fulfilling our hopes from the beginning of the track.

Lastly, Conrank’s remix is much more mysterious. Keeping things quiet in the beginning, Conrank allows that building anticipation to unravel in the drop with a heavily distorted, wide, grimey synth, and lightly sprinkled “ear candy.” Conrank’s dynamism allows for “Blood Brother” to really shine alongside his astounding production.

Originating from Toronto, Canada, Zeds Dead is an electronic music duo that is comprised of Dylan Mamid and Zachary Rapp-Rovan. They began garnering attention and traction on their music back in 2009 and 2010 by releasing remixes and original music. They’re a paramount in today’s electronic music industry by being an exploratory duo, dabbling in genres like house, electro house, hip-hop, and more. On March 1, 2016, Zeds Dead announced the inception of their label, Deadbeats. To partner the label’s debut, they released “Back Home” (ft. Freddie Gibbs).

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