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Zedd & Elley Duhe release stunning acoustic version of ‘Happy Now’

Zedd's brother, Arkadi, and Elley Duhe put a beautiful spin on 'Happy Now.'

Los Angeles, California-based DJ, producer, songwriter, and multi-talent Zedd has revolutionized modern dance and pop music. One of his recent tracks with Elley Duhe called “Happy Now” has been hugely successful in the radio realm. Furthermore, at the time of this posting it has garnered nearly 75 million streams on Spotify. Now Zedd and Elley Duhe have freshened up “Happy Now” with a beautiful acoustic rendition.

Elley Duhe has surely made a name for herself and her cunning vocal abilities this year. Previously, she collaborated with Gryffin on “Tie Me Down.”

In the video above you’ll see Duhe and Arkadi Zaslavski, Zedd’s brother. While Arkadi looks like Zedd, it’s not actually him. The lighting perfectly complements the guitar’s color, Duhe’s outfit, and the mood. Duhe’s vocals take hold throughout this entire acoustic rendition, just as they do in the original piece. This gorgeous track showcases the rawness that Elley’s vocals have, as well as Arkadi’s soothing and subtle guitar playing.

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