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Zedd has always had a way of releasing music that just knows how to make you move. His single with Katy Perry, “365,” showcased a much more mysterious sound to the Grammy-winning producer. To further mystify the air, a 4-track remix package with remixes from Jonas Aden, Ellis, KUURO, and Zedd himself has been released on Interscope Records.

Zedd’s dark deep house remix opens the floodgates for the package. He pitched the vocals down to fit them into the dark production. It highlights the producer’s ability to maximize the effectiveness of minimalism within electronic production. There isn’t a whole lot going on, but Zedd fills in the voids. “I made a deep remix of ‘365’ cause I’m currently really into that kind of music,” Zedd tweeted out.

Jonas Aden brings it back with pulverizing bass house remix. He uses a plethora of vocal chops, a stabbing deep bass, and wide stereo image. Jonas Aden’s gut-punching remix is one of the package’s most diverse.

Ellis opens their remix with an eerie pluck and Perry’s rotational vocals. The drop certainly moves into a deep house sounding production, while utilizing choral stabs on a few of the down beats, vocal chops sprinkled throughout, and crashing percussion to really move the piece around. Ellis certainly puts a more commercial sound on the piece.

Bringing the remix package home is KUURO. The bass duo switch up their sound quite a bit for their spin on “365.” The bass house remix pairs wonderfully with Perry’s vocals as they delve into a deep sub bass that surely compromises any intuitions that anyone may have. Their drop maintains their heavy sound while implementing some dubstep wobbles throughout. Oh, and that grungy bass certainly glues this fiery remix to the package impeccably.

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