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Snapchat changed the mobile communication and social media game like Facebook and Twitter did. They made it incredibly easy to send fun pictures and videos to your friends and family. They introduced Snapchat Stories back in 2014, then Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Skype jumped on board just recently. Now YouTube is testing out a feature with a new video format titled “Reels.” Reels beta was briefly mentioned in announcement from YouTube about expanding of YouTube Community to all creators with more than 10,000 subscribers.

The video sharing platform is, however, taking a slightly different approach to these “stories” by placing them on a brand new tab on the creator’s channel. Reels will allow content creators to record a few clips (up to 30-seconds), and then add music, filters, text, stickers, and more. Creators will also be allowed to create a handful of Reels and they won’t expire.

The massive video sharing site is unleashing a slew of features and updates in the near future, including updates for the platform and its Community, a social media platform built-in to YouTube. Community allows creators to send updates via GIFs, photos, text, polls, and much more.

YouTube Reels
YouTube’s Reels feature. Keep in mind that the overall feel and features may change come the official release.


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