YouTube & Genius release interactive ‘Song Stories’

Fans can get a much more immersive behind-the-scenes look into their favorite artists' lives.

YouTube wants to become more interactive with ‘Song Stories’

YouTube makes another move to make fans interact more with content creators. The video streaming giant has worked with Genius to release a new feature called Song Stories. If you’re on Snapchat and use Instagram Stories, then this functionality will most definitely not be new.

Song Stories provides content creators to link their external links to their content. Additionally, it provides fans with a much more immersive behind-the-scenes look into their favorite artists’ lives.

“A song is so much more than an audio file. We’re constantly working to deliver users interesting and delightful information to make the music experience richer,” Genius president Ilan Zechory said. “Genius and YouTube, the two biggest sources of musical deep cuts and rabbit holes on the planet, are natural collaborators on this mission.”

This is another step in YouTube’s evolving landscape for musicians

YouTube recently announced that it’s making it much easier for fans to follow their favorite artists’ activity. Rather than having multiple channels for each artist, the Google-owned video streaming service would compile the artist’s channels into one called the Official Artist Channel.

“The changes will equally impact all music partners, most notably VEVO channels, making Official Artist Channels denoted with a musical note the first thing users will find in a search,” states Billboard.

YouTube also changed their monetization requirements recently

The streaming giant has had a lot of issues with monetization recently. Many large advertisers on the platform removed their advertisements. This is due to YouTube placing them on videos of children with repulsive comments from pedophiles.

Additionally, Logan Paul’s despicable act of mockery in Aokigahara forest added fuel to the fire. He and his friends were filming a video and stumbled upon a fresh dead body. They cracked up and laughed at the sight, causing an immense uproar amongst his fans and the world.

Now, YouTube’s Partner Program requires that content creators have 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.


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