Sullivan King and YOOKiE have an immensely distinct sound on their own, but when they’re slammed together harder than two atoms in the Large Hadron Collider, you get an indescribable sound. This stable sound certainly holds up in their “Go Down.”

Sullivan King and YOOKiE have already thrown down this year on tracks like “I’ll Fight Back,” Bring Me The Horizon‘s “Throne,” and “Pop Rocks.” 

Extreme distortion, medieval sounds, and an unforgiving rhythm fearlessly shakes the subs in “Go Down.” The track opens with gritty percussion and builds into Sullivan King’s aggressive guitar riffs. The track continues to boast bottomless bass, heavy metal screams, and YOOKiE’s wet and nautical sound design steps in for the drop. The fast-moving synth shatters the speakers with a relentless frequency spectrum.

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