YOOKiE Jameston Thieves Pop Rocks

The name YOOKiE immediately sparks oddities, otherworldly, and alien-like imagery. Their new collaboration with Jameston Thieves is just as weird yet on the verge of non-functional as their previous tracks. “Someone told us awhile ago that they missed our ‘alien sounds,’ so we got together with the most extraterrestrial creature we know and made ‘Pop Rocks,'” states YOOKiE.

Right away you get an awkward feeling. This is always to be expected with a YOOKiE tune, though. 30-seconds in introduces the pivotal bass that the duo is known for. The drop introduces a wet, alien sounding synth that swivels back and forth, messing with your ears. It has a similar sound to Snails, but it’s not. “Pop Rocks” functions in song structure, but it doesn’t in other ways, which is a good thing. Throw back some pop rocks and let this strange trap track blow your mind.

“‘Pop Rocks’ is sort of a paradox of vibes, where the song is rather dark feeling, but the lyrics are more or less a bit whimsical. With the drop sounds, we both tried to make noises that more or less sounded like pop rocks.” – Jameston Thieves

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