Bass brothers Chris and Anthony Alfaro, better known as YOOKiE, have redefined the word “disgusting”–when it comes to bass music. There aren’t enough adjectives in the English language that could paint the perfect picture for someone trying to explain their gut-wrenching sound. The brotherly duo have released an absolute beast with their freshly singed new EP, BAASIC.

They’ve consistently have sinister releases throughout the year. “Pop Rocks,” “Bassquake,” and “Snakes” are amongst their most recent sub shakers.

Consisting of five earth-shattering sounds and collaborations with Kai Wachi and G-REXBAASIC completely explodes right from the get-go. “F U” with Kai Wachi initiates the madness. Making a filthy bass mess is what this song is all about. Silky and wet sounding synths go through a harsh cheese grater as the madness continues to ensue. “MF Thang” rolls around with G-REX and drumstep/trap hybrid rhythms. G-REX and YOOKiE maintain a simplistic feel, but they somehow manage to demolish everything.

“Human Annihilation”: A perfectly titled track, and the third bass cannon on the EP. An eerie atmosphere immediately begins the piece alongside a vocoded message. It then diabolically transcends into sheer annihilation. “Brain Warp” is the perfect follower after “Human Annihilation.” It’s dynamic, yet it features similar elements, such as brass stabs. The drop will absolutely warp your brain. Guaranteed. Lastly, YOOKiE wrap up this not-so-basic EP with “Last Transmission.” The drop initiates slightly later into the track than the former tracks on the EP. YOOKiE leave their mark with this fiery and unforgiving track.

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