YDG Creep Show Kannibalen Records

YDG is celebrating an early Christmas this year with a hot gift release for bass lovers around the world on Kannibalen Records.

A stop-you-in-your-tracks bass pad slowly opens this creep show. YDG introduces a small but distant synth melody that quickly dissipates and unravels into a relentless fiery dubstep Mesopotamia. YDG’s cinematic flares shine through amongst all of the madness, while drop’s gut-punching basses and percussion are pleasing the headbangers on the rails. Get your tickets, secure your popcorn, and don’t drink too much because “Creep Show” will put you through the ringer.

YDG steps into his own show with this release after a hot string of collaborations with Riot Ten, Ookay, and Crizzly.

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