xKore Erotic Cafe' Get Ready Kinphonic

The 24-year-old xKore (pronounced as ex-core) is usually dealing with DnB and had massive success with the remix of “Another Day,” which hit 30 million plays last year. He has now teamed up with the Italian bass producer Erotic Cafe’ for an erotic bass hit in “Get Ready,” which has been released on Kinphonic.

Devoid of any complete melody, it’s a miasma of sound and cacophony of drums with an almost seedy underground feel of the 80s. This would sit right at home in the odd surrounds of a club like Berghain in Germany.

“Get Ready” sounds like it’s produced inside a cavernous room which lends itself to the echo and reverb that would bounce off a warehouse wall and leave your ears ringing for hours.

It will be a hit with the rail huggers of bass heads who cannot get enough of the disparate mesh of sounds that are jerky and disjointed, yet somehow have a charismatic effect.

Be prepared for a few broken necks should this be played out at a club or rave.

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