Digital Audio Workstation DAW Windows 10 Update

Windows 10‘s latest update could have a huge impact on DAW users. Microsoft explained that the update heightens the FLS (Fiber Local Storage) slot allocation ceiling. Don’t expect a huge performance boost in low-power computers, as this update will go hand-in-hand with how powerful your PC is. However, music makers using PCs may see an increase in performance when using a myriad of plugins.

Here’s the technical part, which Microsoft explains on its website:

“As PCs get more powerful, musicians have created increasingly complex projects with more tracks, more instruments, and deeper effects chains,” states Microsoft on its website. “As a result, some of those musicians were running up against a FLS (Fiber Local Storage) slot allocation ceiling that prevented them from loading into their DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) as many unique plugins as they’d like.”

“This build [18312] greatly raises that per-process FLS slot allocation ceiling, allowing loading potentially thousands of unique plugins. Beyond musicians, this change will positively impact any application that dynamically loads hundreds or thousands of unique DLLs that have statically-linked Visual C++ runtimes, or otherwise allocate FLS slots.”

This update is currently being tested by Windows Insiders, but the update should be rolled out alongside a number of other improvements in the near future.


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