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Whyte Fang has sunk her fangs in with this one.

Alison Wonderland‘s, whose real name is Alexandra Sholler, new voyage into dance music crosses over to the dark side with a powerful new project called Whyte Fang. The project has been years in the making, and now Alison Wonderland has deemed it time to see the light of day with the project’s second release, “333.” The first track Whyte Fang released was “TIDES” back in November 2021.

Whyte Fang’s “TIDES” on Spotify

Whyte Fang won’t be tied to any specific genre. Instead, it will live in a fluid world where music is just music and an experience. Fans can expect that every release be embedded with a signature dark electronic ambience.

“I have decided to release this music separately to Alison Wonderland because I want these beats to live in their own primal world,” Sholler says in a press release shared with EDM In A Soda.

“333” begins with an eerie vocal chop sample that is complemented by an equally creepy ambiance until it builds into a ruthless trap-like drop. Sharp and stabbing rotary sounds flourish in the darkness with bolstering bass synths jumping in to maintain control. The pulsing vocals pump throughout, and the second drop lights up with a four-on-the-floor rhythm.

Whyte Fang’s “333” on Spotify

Whyte Fang’s “333” release preludes her upcoming show on September 21 at The Roxy in Los Angeles, California, which sold out in one day. Her first show was as a secret performer for a Brownies and Lemonade event at LA’s State Historic Park in late 2022.

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