Scope Virtual Self’s ‘Ghost Voices’ mysterious official music video

This music video introduces more questions than it answers.

Porter Robinson has carved and transformed the way we hype about new projects from electronic music industry veterans. When he unveiled his Virtual Self project, the international electronic music industry went berserk. The mysteriousness of the newly-revealed moniker continues to mystify and raise more questions than it answers, especially with his latest video for “Ghost Voices.” Porter Robinson himself directed the video.

The technologically advanced, cryptic video features the two main characters on the Virtual Self EP: Pathselector and technic-Angel. The video takes place in a warehouse. It’s filled with computers from the 2000s. This era and moment in the age of technology is what heavily inspired Robinson to create the futuristic, genre-defying alias.

Porter Robinson debuted the Virtual Self alias at New York City’s Avant Gardner on Friday, December 8.

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