Virtual Riot Pray For Riddim Tutorial Disciple Records
P/C: Disciple Records/YouTube

Curious to see how Virtual Riot approaches music production?

Well, he sat down with Disciple Records, the label he released German Engineering EP on, for an informative and dissection of how the first track, “Pray For Riddim,” was erected.

In this 12-minute, 45-second tutorial, the bass producer and DJ dissects the inner workings of the track for us to show what went into the bolstering bass tune. As you’ll hear, a plethora of edgy and eerie sounding synths are plastered throughout to add an extreme dramatic effect.

Virtual Riot uses synths like Omnisphere, Xfer’s Serum, and Synthtopia.

He mentioned that he’s “done a few unorthodox things” during the drop.

“As you can see the master is clipping in the red,” he says. “I’ve done a few unorthodox things here where I’m deactivating the limiter that’s on as soon as the drop hits. Then as you can see, the master hits at +14[dB] for the snare transient.”

He continues explaining how this technique enhances the crunchiness of the transient on the kick and snare, and warns us to be careful when doing this.

At the end of the tutorial, he adds that he’ll “have a little more studio time to make more videos.” So get ready for more in-depth tutorials with Virtual Riot!

“Pray For Riddim” is one of the heaviest tracks on the German Engineering EP. And as this impressive tutorial shows, it’s very intricate. As the quickly rising bass prodigy continues to prove that he’s worthy of bass, we’re quickly reassured that the future of bass music is…heavy.

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