Pretty boy brotherly DJ and producer duo VINAI, consisting of Alessandro Vinai and Andrea Vinai, and Harris & Ford‘s “Break the Beat” gets a playful, upbeat hands up remix from Austrian DJ and producer Giga Dance.

Giga Dance has shared two versions of the remix: one is an edit and the other is a longer club mix. Both carry a relentless energy that keeps listeners up on their feet. It also maintains the original energy of the original track. The chord progression paired with the lyrics of this track make for a very memorable and infectious piece.

Furthermore, the pulsing off-beat bass with this distorted sounding kick drum drive this energetic club anthem throughout. The melody that pairs with the track is an on-beat sawtooth melody that fulfills all of our inner hands up cravings.

If you enjoy Giga Dance’s remix of “Break the Beat” you can download it for free here.

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