Home Music Varien & Swarm’s wrath is ‘Never Ending’ in fiery new track

Varien & Swarm’s wrath is ‘Never Ending’ in fiery new track

Varien & Swarm’s wrath is ‘Never Ending’ in fiery new track

Nick Kaeler, better known by his transformational and innovative Varien moniker, has joined forces for a fiery collaboration with Swarm on “Never Ending.” With Varien’s intense style and unique sound design and Swarm’s equally as stunning and jaw-dropping style, “Never Ending” is a track that seems to do just that: never end.

Varien made his epic return after a short hiatus with “Blood Hunter” earlier this year.

“Never Ending” opens with an eerie atmosphere, sprinkling with rain and an incredibly cinematic introduction. The monotone female vocals bring in a futuristic feel to the dramatic introduction. The drop seizes a gritty bass with heavy percussion and unprecedented sound design. The bridge for “Never Ending” swoons you with a crunchy bass guitar to continue with the momentum. Like any Varien piece, “Never Ending” is chock-full of sonic surprise that include epic orchestral elements, phenomenal sound, and jaw-dropping song structure. Swarm’s added darkness makes this a collaboration that could ignite the start of something incredibly bright… or dark?

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