Urbanstep Sever Hersy Thrillogy Remix

Thrillogy, real name John Devenport, blends dubstep, psytrance, and metal for all-out remix of Urbanstep and Sever‘s “Heresy.”

The first beat of this remix stomps and demands respect. Fast-paced percussion reveal the true power and meaning of this sinister remix. Thrillogy does an incredible job with the transitions throughout, especially in the beginning. Blending a number of genres isn’t easy, but the elements, or lack thereof, aide in the movement and fluidity of the piece. Powering vocals deliver an immense energy that ferociously cuts through the mix and harsh rhythms and elements throughout. The second drop goes full-blown psytrance and melts into a melodic dubstep style.

Thrillogy masterfully takes his style and blends it with an even crazier original track. His remix perfectly showcases his mastery of genre bending.

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