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TyDi’s ‘Fool For You’ track is a beautiful, complicated love story that weaves in and out of genres.

Australian composer, DJ, producer, and songwriter tyDi has never failed to tug at the heart strings with his pieces. He’s intricately weaved his passion and craft through tracks like “Redefined,” which features Melanie Fontana, “Stay,” and his album Collide, which he composed with legendary composer Christopher Tin. And their track “You Don’t Love Me” is proof of his musical abilities.

“Fool For You” was released on the label Tell You Something. The track begins with filtered guitars and blissful vocals. It quickly builds into the deep house filled drop paired alongside a filtered wavy sawtooth synth during the drop. TyDi’s ear for music, production, and sheer infectious melodies stands tall throughout this entire piece. The energy continues all the way to the very last beat without ever letting up. And the bass pulses through your veins as well.

“‘Fool For You’ just has something special about it,” says tyDi. “It’s got just the right amount of emotion, a little bit of sass, and a badass instrumental section.”

The track tells the story of a complicated love story where one partner is madly in love in a heavily intoxicating relationship. While the damage is being done and control may already be established, it’s far too difficult for one to know what the true fate really is: Self worth and trust.

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