Bassrush Records The Prophecy Volume 3

Bassrush Records have released their The Prophecy: Volume 3 compilation, which is comprised of heavyweight tracks from JEANIE, Ruvlo, and Tryple & Nextars. The latter’s track “Mind Hack” is a true standout on the compilation.

“Mind Hack” begins with a deep pad that rumbles beneath pitched vocals, a distorted arpeggio, and eerie synths. It quickly builds into powerful drop with basses that mess with your mind and “throw” themselves around with heavy amounts of reverb. The scratching and ear-piercing synths that Tryple and Nextars use in the second part of the drop certainly throw your mind for a loop. But don’t let this fool you because they come around for a second sampling. The second time, however, it’s even more wet and gut-punchingly powerful.

Bassrush Records’ have continued to push the envelope with what’s hot in bass music. Their watchlist of artists is superbly highlighted in this compilation album, as it showcases genres in drum and bass, drumstep, dubstep, and leftfield bass.

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