Meaning “Place of the Eels” in Cornish, TRESILLIAN takes hold and sets out for a bass rampage in his latest release, “Make That.”

“Make That” is about the struggle that many producers struggle with, which is getting your ideas from your head into your DAW, on paper, and just out in the world. The repeated vocal sample throughout “Make That” shouts, “make that f**king sound.” The grimey synths, action-packed percussion, and feverish bass pair for an unimaginable track that, well, make that work. Furthermore, the brass stabs nod to the ones in Sullivan King’s “Show Stopper” on his The Demented EP.

TRESILLIAN is a full-time game designer at Rockstar Games in Edinburgh, Scotland and has only recently picked up music production in his spare time. He’s even been mentored by Chime (Disciple Records and Rushdown Records).


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