Top $helf Back

Top $helf‘s name incites a riot when it’s said. He’s built a sound that stands tall amongst producers in the trap and dubstep genres. With tracks like “Poppin’ Percs,” “Burn It Down,” and “Time,” Top $helf has proven to us that he’s worthy of being crowned a bass maestro. His latest riveting, spine-shattering track “Back” takes the listener back to what he’s recognized for.

With a repeated vocal loop that states “back” throughout the entire piece, Top $helf becomes playful with the sample. During the drop, he unleashes a moving and extremely danceable groove with an impeccable atmosphere built in. The quickly rising producer transitions into a slamming trap piece with a grimy bass during the second drop, while maintaining the high energy rhythm. Don’t doubt yourself, and go back to when Top $helf annihilates with fiery trap music.

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