With TOKiMONSTA‘s Oasis Nocturno Remixed slated for a release this fall, she’s continuing to build the anticipation with a brand new AC Slater deep house remix of her “Get Me Some,” which features Drew Love and Dumboundead. TOKiMONSTA recently kicked off the release of Oasis Nocturno Remixed with the release of the Come and Go Remixed EP, which featured remixes from artists like Dombresky, Damian Lazarus, Promnite, Halogenix, and Falcons.

AC Slater takes the track to entirely new heights with a playful bass line, punching synths, and a bottomless kick drum. The drop features a heavy sub bass that slides around underneath the kick, while a sharp mid-bass teeters atop. Alien-like synths fluctuate their pitch around. While the energy in this piece is there fairly prominently, AC Slater keeps a subtlety to the entire remix. This allows for the piercing percussion to really carry the entire remix through to the end.


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