Home Music TheFatRat’s ‘Out Of The Rain’ is a reminder to keep going when life gets hard

TheFatRat’s ‘Out Of The Rain’ is a reminder to keep going when life gets hard

TheFatRat’s ‘Out Of The Rain’ is a reminder to keep going when life gets hard
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TheFatRat‘s latest exploratory track, “Out Of The Rain,” encompasses a beautiful production with Shiah Maisel’s demanding vocals working perfectly in tandem.

The story of “Out Of The Rain” carries an important one: Acknowledging that we’re strong beings and can achieve amazing things when we stay focused.

TheFatRat’s story behind ‘Out Of The Rain’

As with all of TheFatRat’s recent music, “Out Of The Rain” is part of a larger story. The lyrics tell a story of two siblings; a girl and her younger brother. They’re living under less-than-ideal circumstances in the rough parts of a futuristic city and are remaining hopeful about a better life.

“It’s a song about hope… We all have been in circumstances that feel unbearable but at the same time impossible to escape from,” says TheFatRat. “The song is about how you keep going and stay alive in such situations.”

After Shiah Maisel first heard the song, he knew right away these lyrics would complement the track and that he wanted to sing them. With the world being very vulnerable in a lot of areas, this song was lyrically built from the ground up to bring peace and hope to the chaos.

“When Christian first showed me the song, I instantly knew these lyrics were ones that I wanted to sing,” Maisel told Patch. “With such a deep and inspirational message that many can relate to, the world is in a vulnerable place, and the hope the song brings is very needed today… I’ve looked up to [him] for many years, and to be able to record with Chris in the studio was a dream come true. Everything flowed perfectly, and I’m so excited to inspire the world with this special song.”

Give TheFatRat and Shiah Maisel’s “Out Of The Rain” a listen in full below.

TheFatRat & Shiah Maisel – Out Of The Rain [Chapter One]

Last month, TheFatRat released a humorous track dubbed “Monkeys,” which was aimed at the societal pitfalls humanity suffers from. Some people think they’re better than others, but when they’re put into situations where nothing is handed to them they struggle.

“You’re alone in the jungle now / You want to make a fire but don’t know how / You’re alone in the jungle now / Full of stupid monkeys,” sings TheFatRat. While some fans assumed the track was about ethnicity, he clarified and said that it wasn’t. However, if the shoe fits wear it.

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