Home Music TheFatRat releases humorous new track ‘Monkeys’ with snappy remix

TheFatRat releases humorous new track ‘Monkeys’ with snappy remix

TheFatRat releases humorous new track ‘Monkeys’ with snappy remix

TheFatRat has released his anticipated original tune, “Monkeys.” Alongside it comes with a snappy remix made by TheFatRat.

The track is one of the first tracks since 2016 where TheFatRat, whose real name is Christian Büttner, supplies his own vocals. “Monkeys” starts off with a bouncy beat. The vocals pounce in and slide across the jumping bass line. Listeners are treated to a firm production while also getting exposed to TheFatRat’s exquisite vocoder effects.

Fans and listeners have assumed that “Monkeys” is about ethnicity. The “Fly Away” producer and songwriter clarified on Twitter that it is not, but if you think it is then it’s about you. “[M]y new song ‘Monkeys’ is NOT about ethnicity. But if you think it’s about ethnicity then the song is about you,” writes Büttner.

In addition to the original, fans are supplied a remix of “Monkeys,” which was also created by TheFatRat. Give the original of “Monkeys” and the remix a listen below.

“Monkeys” is a follow-up to “Back One Day” with NEFFEX. The track is the vocal version of the instrumental, “Xenogenesis.” According to PM Studio, the demo was created in 2014 and then shelved until recently. It took the German dance producer nearly eight years to bring the track to life with the perfect melodies and vocals.

A few years ago, TheFatRat released his very first music video for “The Storm,” which featured Maisy Kay on vocals. The track features a Turkish Ney and is sung in Na’vi, the language from Avatar. He also teamed up with Lindsey Stirling and Everen Maxwell in the summer of 2021 for an anthemic collaboration on “Warbringer.”

In late 2021, to further enhance his EDM-gaming audience TheFatRat partnered with RCRDSHP for an immersive NFT campaign. During this campaign, he had one drop per week with each one being limited edition collectibles to add to his momentum.

“What RCRDSHP is doing for NFTs is similar to what Binance and Coinbase did for Bitcoin,” TheFatRat said in a press release at the time. “They are changing the game by making crypto technology accessible for everybody.”

RCRDSHP CEO and founder’s, Obie Fernandez, vision is to bring community enthusiasm to cultures and scenes by using the NFT medium for digital collectibles.

“Our vision is to bring a new level of value to digital collectibles, one that ties community enthusiasm to the cultures and its scenes, by turning cards into unique adventures tailor-made for dance music fans,” Fernandez said in a press release at the time.

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