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TheFatRat’s first music video is here for new track ‘The Storm’ with Maisy Kay

The track is sung in Na'vi, the language from the movie Avatar.

TheFatRat, whose real name is Christian Büttner, has mastered the art of subtle electronic music with highly infectious melodies and percussion. His newest track with award-winning singer-songwriter Maisy Kay is a beautiful ode to the “calm before the storm” energy.

‘The Storm’ features a Turkish Ney and is sung in Na’vi, the language from the movie Avatar.

The beautiful lead melody features a Turkish Ney (Turkish flute), and TheFatRat doesn’t overcomplicate and saturate this stunning melody with an overly produced production. This impressively complementary production stands tall in this gusting storm.

TheFatRat compiles a lustful track without losing sight of his orchestral roots and atmospheric vocal chants. Maisy Kay’s true testament for music shines through her emotions on this track as well. The language is Na’vi, which is from the movie Avatar, and Maisy Kay taught herself the language.

“The Storm” is about finding your true self even in the utmost difficult times. Sometimes we get lost and caught up in something and it causes us to lose sight of what we’re ultimately after. “The Storm” reminds us to remain focused and strong during the difficult times.

The music video was shot in Iceland and has a beautiful feature-film feel to it.

The eye-catching music video was shot in the gorgeous country of Iceland with an even more stunning view of the volcanoes. The team behind this music video is the team behind Alan Walker‘s videos. In the video TheFatRat and Maisy Kay run from a huge storm before they are completely engulfed in its wrath. They enter a magical cave to find a massive egg that soon breaks open to reveal an unknown creature.

“Most of the shots were planned outside so we knew that incongruous weather could kill the entire shoot,” TheFatRat says about the music video in a press release. “But it was simply perfect. On the first day, we had sunshine, which was great because we were shooting inside a cave and were able to enjoy the breaks outside in the sun. For the second day, the team had brought a wind machine because they wanted to simulate a storm. Turned out no simulation was needed because that day we experienced an incredibly strong storm. On the last day, we had exactly the mysterious fog we needed for the opening scene.”

I spoke with TheFatRat on my podcast When Life Hands You Lennons.

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