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The Brig comes flying off the heels of his track “Garbage Boat” in January. Now he’s released his second EP, Destination, on Circus Records, which includes the pirate-esque track “Seer.”

With each track preparing for a battle, “Seer” opens up this sinister EP with some metallic synths and a thick snare drum. Bright synths attack your ears like a swarm of bees (but in a good way). “Garbage Boat” keeps the momentum flowing with a slew of glitch, stops, and starts. The Brig plays around with the stereo image of this track heavily.

After two heavyweight dubstep tracks, this pirate ships lands upon “Mushroom Island.” Modern plasticity and electrical errors seem to be parsed through this entire track. Adding to the weirdness of the track is the continuous vocal loop of “gotta guess the girls.” Finally, after a long trek through treacherous waters we land on “Keep Moving.” Punching percussion continually eat through this track to snap the listeners into focus. Flourishing melodies float through this piece to carry all of the pirates off of the ship while they unload onto their final destination.

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