Beautifully woven melodies and harmonies in The Bergamot‘s “L.A.” tell the sad story of moving onto the next phase in life, regardless of how difficult it is to do. We all need to escape sometimes, but sometimes it’s more difficult than we anticipated.

There are a number of songs that have been written that tell an illustrious story of moving out west to Los Angeles and pursuing a dream. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned and reality kicks in, leaving someone no choice but to follow their intuition and move onto the next phase of their life.

“Elle left L.A. this was never the plan / She’s hoping for a life living out there on the road / She was hoping for something new ‘cuz she was growing old / So she’s moving on,” sing The Bergamot about it never being the plan to move on, but here we are.

The tribal percussion The Bergamot use throughout are matched impeccably well with their harmonious vocals and melodies. Additionally, the fleet-fingered acoustic guitars wind up the music box for some added energy and solidify their sonic tonality, as well as the minimal vocals and harmonies on top of the simplistic production.

The ending brings about feedback looped pianos through guitar amps and guitars through synths, which assists in the resolve of the final chant: “Goodbye L.A. / I want to believe in you / Goodbye L.A. / I want to believe in you.”

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