Tesla Trax Model 3
Tesla Canuck, YouTube

United States-based automotive company Tesla pushed an exciting holiday update that implemented further Full Self Driving improvements and a music making software called Trax, among other features.

The auto maker released their V10 software earlier this fall, which included support for Spotify, providing owners an additional option alongside the unfavorable Slacker.

Trax most certainly won’t replace Apple’s Logic Pro X, Garageband, or Avid’s Pro Tools, but it will allow you to get that simple melody out of your head and into a tangible form while you’re waiting for your car to charge at one of Tesla’s many Superchargers.

There isn’t much storage space to save your mini masterpieces, and exporting them isn’t clearly outlined. However, you’ll certainly have a solid sound system if you want to show off your productions to your friends and family.

At the time of this article, Trax only allows for multi-track, keyboard-based compositions along with Roland’s TR-808 drum machine. We anticipate Tesla adding more instruments, compatibility, and features as owners request them.

Tesla reportedly hired Bang and Olufsen engineers to assist in the development of their Model 3′s top-tier sound system. According to Electrek, “It has been described as ‘sounding better than the $12,000 Bang and Olufsen-branded option on an Audi A8.'”

For those not familiar with Tesla’s Model 3, Trax can not be used while driving or in Autopilot. The vehicle must be parked.


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