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Teminite & Whales unleash ‘Mayhem’ with sinister collaboration

A bass match made in heaven.

Teminite Whales Mayhem

Teminite is surely no newbie to headbanger music. His Uprising album last year made many drop their jaws like a bad habit, and highlighted his diverse production style and sound with fiery melodies and powerful drops. Now the United Kingdom-born producer Teminite (Samuel Norris) joined forces with another powerful bass music name, Whales, for “Mayhem.” This collaboration is all in the name.

Opening with a piercing and catchy sawtooth melody, “Mayhem” doesn’t take long to ignite the flame. Teminite’s signature wet and silky vocoder effect pops the atmosphere like a needle to a balloon. Whales’s sound comes through with an equally as unnerving sound that pulverizes your speakers.

This sinister new collaboration sparked from an internet friendship that finally turned to an IRL friendship. Having met in Geneva, Whales says, “It was the best feeling to make the URL friendship into IRL. This man’s on fire when it comes to music and skill!”

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