Teminite Samuel Norris MDK Morgan David King Space Invaders

Samuel Norris, better known as Teminite, and Morgan David King, who’s signature glitchy, video game-inspired sound is known as MDK, have joined teams for a video game tune called “Space Invaders.”

The track opens with a nostalgic 8-bit video game sound. Teminite and MDK allow that nostalgia to run through entirely throughout the piece with immaculate riffs, grooves, and atmospheres. As “Space Invaders” builds up and the raid begins, MDK and Teminite clash their swords together and unleash a maniacal rampage of grit, grime, and strong synths. The track takes you through a video game as if you were playing levels. You think the first few levels are easy? Just wait for the final boss. Furthermore, the track remains to be a fast-paced bass weapon with influences of dubstep and happy hardcore.

Allow the nostalgia to truly sink in as you enjoy this nearly six-minute track with your eyes closed, controller in hand, and with Teminite and MDK’s blissful melodies.

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