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Teminite sends bass shockwave with ‘A New Dawn’

Teminite demolishes yet another track.

Teminite A New Dawn Uprising

Sam Norris, or as many know him by his grueling moniker Teminite, is a not-so-silent name that is quickly taking over the scene, specifically within dubstep. His undeniable ear-catching sound is unlike anyone else’s. He innovates with each and every single release. His wide array of talent and knowledge, including being a classically trained musician, has opened the floodgates for this impressive musician, DJ, and producer.

Teminite’s latest blazingly hot new release, immaculately named “A New Dawn,” lights a fire and shreds a path of sinister bass and razor-edged synths. The Devon, Britain-based multi-talent silently slides the door open and swiftly ramps into the nautical bass onslaught we all know and love. As aforementioned with Teminite’s releases, he delivers a relentless bass barrage paired with pristine and grimy synths, unfathomable basses, and percussion that’s grittier than sand paper. Teminite is an all around talent whose sound just simply can’t be matched.

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