Tchami Malaa Kurupt Confession

Although on tour, Tchami and Malaa continue to find ways to disrupt those unable to see the French duo live. Their latest collaboration on Tchami’s Confession label, “Kurupt,” further disrupts fans around the globe. They’ve previously released tracks like “Summer 99” and “The Sermon.”

“Kurupt” is a surely a hit, as it superbly strikes a dark note with Malaa’s incredulous persona. However, Tchami’s addition of piano chords and melodies mellow it out a bit without sacrificing the energy it needs to really succumb to sheer darkness.

The mysterious masked bass house prodigy recently dropped the track in their CRSSD Fest set. The track was well received by attendees.

The duo has a forthcoming, highly anticipated No Redemption EP. There is no release date for the EP just yet.

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