DJ and producer SUPERSPECIAL made a statement in the dance music world with his debut single “Heroes.” The heroic debut gets another partner in crime: a Dropgun remix.

The original for “Heroes” is the perfect festival anthem, featuring a progressive house vibe, atmosphere, and melodies. A pumping bass line moves throughout the track as SUPERSPECIAL’s vocals carry the uplifting story. The drop caters to an all-encompassing feel as the production carries you away.

Dropgun’s remix maintains SUPERSPECIAL’s original atmosphere and feel. The synth melodies take way as they take the baton from the vocal melody. Dropgun’s drop unleashes their glitchy and signature sound with ear-piercing synth melodies, plucks, and arpeggios.

If you’re ready to put your cape on and take the leap of faith, Dropgun and SUPERSPECIAL have made the remix a free download. You can download it here.


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