Sullivan King Step Back

Sullivan King continues to drop tracks that redefine the boundaries of what genres an artist can blend together. His latest track, “Step Back,” is off of his forthcoming EP, Come One, Come All. The first single he dropped was “Dropkick,” and it was equally as impressive as “Step Back.”

The entire track from start to finish punches you directly in the stomach. The drop especially is a complextro punch to the gut. The track opens with a hard-left panned guitar and unleashes with a heavy metal rhythm and King’s screaming vocals. It inevitably unleashes havoc on the speakers and doesn’t lose the Sullivan King power. The second drop throws you for a loop with a trap drop, but King quickly steps back into the complextro to maintain the relentless energy. King’s skillful ability to melt heavy metal and electronic music is unmatched, and “Step Back” is sonic proof of that.

Late last year, King and SLANDER welcomed you into the fire with an insane collaboration.

Sullivan King is a Los Angeles, California-based multi-instrumentalist and producer who has perfected the art of guitar. By embracing the inevitable, he has been able to blend his guitar and and heavy metal talents with electronic music. With releases on Excision’s Rotten Recordings label and Kannibalen Records, Sullivan King has proven many times over that he has what it takes to successfully blend electronic and metal music.

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