Sullivan King Reckless Breathless Kannibalen Records

Heavy metal and dubstep producer Sullivan King makes a sinister return with his two-track EP on Kannibalen Records.

With each track highlighting Sullivan King’s dynamic production techniques, Reckless / Breathless is sure to tickle the fancy of all fans. “Reckless” opens with wide heavy metal vibe and his screaming vocals. Without waiting too long, King dives in and builds into an unforgiving drumstep pile of bass that surely pleases bass heads. Distorted guitars, fast-paced percussion, and pile-driving synths run rampant throughout this bass powerhouse track.

“Breathless” finishes off the EP with a much lighter tone. Sullivan King does, however, implement his heavy percussion throughout this piece as well. The toned down track is much lighter than “Reckless.” The pulsing pads, arpeggios, and pumping side chain elements strongly bring this track to its fulfillment. King shreds a beastly guitar solo, leaving us breathless as we soak it all in.

This Reckless / Breathless EP certainly showcases the bass producer’s myriad of talents and dynamism in production. If you’re ready to get reckless and then be left, well, breathless from either being too reckless or from the sheer power, then this is the perfect EP for you.

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