Steve Aoki
Photo credit: Rukes

Being added to the Smithsonian Museum has to be one of the most amazing accomplishments for an artist, especially within the electronic music scene. It’s a strong move that states that you’ve made your mark on America’s cultural history. Steve Aoki has made it.

The Smithsonian Museum features 17 museums and galleries. The galleries range from Natural History Museum, Air and Space, and many more. Now, Aoki’s 2009 CDJ-2000s, 2008 DJM-800 mixer, and RANE SL3 are being showcased in the Ray Dolby Gateway to American Culture wing of the museum. Aoki’s new addition to the museum are the newest piece of history to the artifacts and multimedia. According to Dancing Astronaut, “[These pieces] are the first digital DJ pieces of the Smithsonian’s turntable and DJ technology focused collection.”

“Like [Bob] Casey and Grandmaster Flash before him [two DJs previously honored in the Smithsonian], Aoki uses his DJ equipment as his instruments–but unlike his predecessors, the musical experience that he creates is digital,” states the Smithsonian Museum in a blog post.


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