Spotify Podcast Ratings

Spotify has finally enabled podcast listeners to leave ratings on their favorite podcasts, a feature that podcasters and listeners have been requesting for quite some time.

Podcasters will have the option to easily invite their listeners to leave a rating with one click. Ratings will help podcast hosts understand how their show is resonating with their audience. However, unlike Apple’s system, listeners won’t be able to write a review, just leave a rating on a scale from 1-5. It’s a documented myth that ratings and reviews do not influence charting. They are rolling out the feature over the next few days and it’ll be available on Android and iOS.

The podcast and music streaming platform has been pushing heavily into the podcasting space by acquiring various platforms to compete with Apple.

According to a news release by Spotify, “The higher the rating, the more likely they are to give your show a chance. But podcast ratings also make it easy for you to get a quick pulse check and gauge how much your show is resonating with listeners. In other words, it’s helpful for everyone: you, existing listeners, and prospective listeners.”


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