Home News Spotify caves and rolls back ban on Boomy’s AI-generated music

Spotify caves and rolls back ban on Boomy’s AI-generated music

Spotify caves and rolls back ban on Boomy’s AI-generated music
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Spotify is rolling back on a “stream manipulation” allegation from last week against an AI-generated music platform.

The Sweden-based streaming service blocked AI music generation program Boomy last week after accusing them of “stream manipulation,” according to MusicTech.

Boomy is an online application that allows users to create music with artificial intelligence in seconds. That song can then be released to streaming platforms and monetized within the Boomy platform.

After Spotify reinstated Boomy’s artists on its platform, Boomy issued a statement via Twitter thanking users for their patience.

Spotify also issued a statement about how it’s currently working on the issue of AI-generated music. When they are alerted of stream manipulation, they mitigate the issue through a variety of actions, including removing the songs or withholding royalties.

“Artificial streaming is a longstanding, industry-wide issue that Spotify is working to stamp out across our service,” a Spotify spokesperson told MusicTech. “When we identify or are alerted to potential cases of stream manipulation, we mitigate their impact by taking action that may include the removal of streaming numbers and the withholding of royalties.”

Alex Mitchell, Boomy’s CEO, followed up with a statement in MusicTech, adding that Boomy is “categorically against any type of manipulation or artificial streaming. We are working with industry partners to address this issue and restart the distribution of Boomy artist content on the Spotify platform.”

Stream manipulation and artificial streams are plaguing the music industry, and it’s really affecting artists and their careers. “Fake artists” are primarily behind this disdainful manipulation. A number of bad apples make it much more difficult for true, authentic artists.


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