Spag Heddy

Spag Heddy, the ‘Pastanistan,’ teamed up with Rico Act to deliver a fresh Italian meal of spaghetti bass for “Noodle Neck.” With festival season just around the corner “Noodle Neck” is sure to get the headbangers to the rail.

The relentless dubstep and drumstep producer has quickly grown to be a highly anticipated act in the bass scene. He just released a collaboration with SLANDER, an official remix for The Chainsmokers, and numerous releases on Never Say Die Records.

Rico Act’s unwavering and powerful vocals carry the energy to the Meatball Mafia leader’s sound. Right from the get-go, Act’s vocals are introduced. “Noodle Neck” cooks quickly and moves into the bass drop. The screaming synths with the ruthless bass make for a headbanger’s anthem. Furthermore, Act’s energetic vocals make for the perfect combination with Spag Heddy’s sound.

“The comparison of a neck to a noodle is funny to me, and the song has been on my mind for a long time,” states Spag Heddy. “I wanted to make it a real hard hitting bouncy song that asks for head banging. When I heard Rico Act on some tracks I knew that he was the one that could do the vocal the best and bring the energy level to the max. Be advised: dry and uncooked noodles do snap, so get yourself real wet and saucy to enjoy the full Noodle Neck experience safely.”

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