Spotify Soundtrap

After Spotify purchased Soundtrap, an online music-making software, in 2017, it quickly setoff ideas that Sweden-based streaming service has alternative strategies planned out. The company recently updated the software to allow users unlimited storage. This was previously a paid feature.

Soundtrap is certainly not as advanced as Logic Pro X or Pro Tools, but it’s on-par with other entry-level music-making programs. This free tier feature update also ups the number of free loops music creators can utilize.

“Soundtrap’s new no-fee product follows our parent company Spotify’s revamped free tier implemented a year ago. We’re joining Spotify’s lead in improving what’s available to those who use our basic, no-fee product,” said MD Per Emanuelsson. “Offering an even richer palette of tools for free online music and podcast making inspires greater creativity and is likely to increase the love of music and storytelling for everyone passionate about connecting and creating.”

Spotify has been working tirelessly to make leaps and bounds into the audio creation and distribution world. By not only providing a service that allows musicians and podcasters to share their stories, Spotify gets ahead of other competitors like Apple and Amazon.


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