SoundCloud private tracks iPhone

SoundCloud has been a massive platform for artists, labels, A&Rs, and DJs alike in every aspect of the music industry. However, their mobile application hasn’t been as versatile as the online version. Today, the streaming platform has fixed it by “adding seamless mobile playback of private tracks via the SoundCloud app,” states a post on their blog. This will be a welcomed feature for the mobile application, especially for those who live on the platform. 

Here’s how you can privately share your tracks via the mobile application: 

  1. Open the privacy settings for any of your tracks by clicking on the ‘pen’ icon below the waveform on the web or on SoundCloud Pulse app.
  2. Next, click the bubble next to ‘private’ or ‘public.’
  3. Once your track is set to ‘private,’ you can use the ‘share’ button to send.
  4. Recipients can open the secret link you’ve shared and play the private track on the SoundCloud app, mobile web, and web.


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