SNBRN at Rumor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel

SNBRN‘s upcoming EP is just around the corner. To tease his reportedly best-to-date release yet, he’s dropped “Lovin’ Me” off of it.

The bass house DJ and producer is recognized from his heavy tracks. He continues to remain versatile and open-minded in his productions, which have allowed him to pulverize dance floors and clubs around the globe.

“I’m going back to his roots in house music and late night bangers for the club,” states the producer. “I wanted to make some heavier tracks for my sets and these were some that I loved playing out this year.”

Kevin Andrew Chapman, better known as SNBRN, is an DJ and musician from Los Angeles, California. His interest in music started when he was a mere 12-years-old. After he purchased Reason in 2008, Chapman began producing his own electronic dance music. In 2013, he finished several degrees in audio engineering and production, and it was around this time that he made the decision on SNBRN.

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Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography


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