SLVR Lucille Croft IDGAF Spinnin Records

Australian bass powerhouse producer, model, entrepreneur, and DJ Lucille Croft teams up with SLVR on Spinnin’ Records for a gnarly release dubbed “IDGAF.”

A dark brass stab opens this fiery track. Eerie vocals climb into the track, repeating “I don’t give a f*ck, all I want to do is dance.” The meaty drop allows for the listener to do just that. It’s chock-full of deep basses, unique percussive elements, and a gut-punching kick. You’ll hear whining synths, symbolic tech house elements, and riveting transitions to keep you on your feet.

Earlier this year, Lucille Croft made her debut on Kannibalen Records with “Walk In The Rave” with TMRRW. Its intriguing vocals, impressive production, and myriad of catastrophically powerful elements pierce through anybody’s mind like a needle through cloth.

With an already boastful discography we will surely be hearing and seeing Lucille Croft’s name a bit more in the near future.

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