Slushii Without You cover art

Julian Scanlan, better known by his flavorful moniker Slushii, has created a recognizable sound for himself. Through his colorful personality and upfront beats, Slushii has slurped his way into the charts with his eclectic bass music, effervescent synths, and invigorating collaborations. He’s already collaborated with Marshmello and Japan’s iconic Hatsune Miku. Now the Los Angeles, California-based DJ and producer returns with “Without You.”

Late last year, Slushii released a VIP mix of Jauz and Crankdat’s “I Hold Still.”

“Without You” is a feel-good, rhythmic and colorful track with an infectious melody. The track features the producer’s signature plucks, synths, and groovy percussion. In addition to the aforementioned plucks, synths, and percussion, he implements ear-catching chordal rhythms that heighten the fun and color of the piece. The high pitched vocal reassures us that he can’t go on without you.

With a forthcoming EP just around the corner, “Without You” is one of the perfect lead-ins for that. However, “Want You To Know” is the lead single from the EP. 2018 is setting out to be one of the 21-year-old’s biggest and best years yet.

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