Sludge Crush 'Em Heavyweight Records

Dubstep producer Sludge returns to Carnage‘s Heavyweight Records for a bone-crushing industrial single, “Crush ‘Em.”

“Crush ‘Em” begins with an eerie sounding pad that quickly morphs into a sinister build-up that then quickly crushes your eardrums and bones. Plastered with filthy percussion, even filthier sound design and basses, and a maniacal headbanger structure, “Crush ‘Em” is sure to knock you flatter than shaken can of soda. The drop scratches your ear drums with a squelching synth that is completely relentless and doesn’t let up.

Sludge appeared into the bass scene this year, but he’s already made his mark. His first two singles, “Emergency” and “Blacksmith,” as well as support from Carnage greatly aided in this up-and-coming producer’s well-deserved attention. The sludge may thicken, but this rising star will only continue to stay afloat and wreck havoc in the process.

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