Dubstep pioneer Skrillex is teaming up with Poo Bear and Utada Hikaru to compose the theme song for the third installment of the hugely successful Kingdom Hearts video game.

This is big news for both the video game world as well as the electronic music scene, as electronic music continues its prowess into household name video games.

Hikaru’s extraordinarily memorable “Simple and Clean” track from the original video game is sure to be the pinnacle track of the video game. ASCAP, one of the three performing rights organizations in the United States, added the new Kingdom Hearts track to their registry. The track is titled “Face My Fears,” and it’s unclear as to whether or not the track will be released ahead of the video game’s January 25, 2019 release.

Randy Urbanski, Skrillex’s sound engineer, recently stated that Skrillex will be “back changing the game next month.” We were also teased with a video of the legendary producer working on a remix of Travis Scott’s “SICKO MODE.”

Skrillex Poo Bear Utada Hikaru Kingdom Hearts 3 Face My Fears theme song ASCAP
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