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Viral ‘Ski Rave Baby’ track released on Diplo’s Mad Decent

Viral ‘Ski Rave Baby’ track released on Diplo’s Mad Decent
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Jengi’s “Bel Mercy,” the song in the viral TikTok video of “ski rave baby,” has arrived on Diplo‘s Mad Decent label.

Originally shared via Beatport’s TikTok account, “Bel Mercy” has been hyped up with a swath of videos created with the viral track. At the time of the video’s virality, “Bel Mercy” was only an ID. Commenters went wild for the track, scouring the internet for the name. It was ripped and shared all over the internet, garnering 65 million views, 6 million likes, and 5,000 videos on TikTok.

@beatport Looks like Generation Alpha is ready for the rave! ⛷ #rave #beatport #ravekid ♬ original sound – Beatport

The track also received a heavy amount of playtime throughout Diplo and Sam Divine’s sets, as well as radio rotation from Arielle Free and Danny Howard, which heavily aided in the track’s enormous success.

“Bel Mercy” samples a reggae track from Super Beagle called “Dust a Sound Boy.” Jengi began working on the track after his laptop was stolen. He lost all of his previous music and resulted in him making the best music of his career.

Jengi Bel Mercy FFRR Diplo Mad Decent
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“I was on a short trip in Berlin and my laptop got stolen,” Jengi tells Sport Playlists. “All the music I had made recently was gone. ‘Bel Mercy’ was one of the first tracks I made after getting back home together with the rest of the Berlin Trauma EP. This bad experience resulted in making the most naturally instinctive music I had ever made. So at the end, I’m actually grateful that my laptop got stolen.” says Jengi.

Listen to Jengi’s “Bel Mercy” below.

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