Seven Lions Jeff Montalvo

Seven Lions‘ first solo track in more than a year has arrived on his own label, Ophelia Records. The track is in collaboration with Tyler Graves on vocals. “Only Now” is a stunning culmination of melodic dubstep and invites head turns from the first bar.

Immediately launching into the track with a large and cunning arpeggiated pluck, atmospheric elements flourish alongside the beautiful vocals. The build-up is reminiscent of a trance build-up, but Seven Lions doesn’t hesitate to dive right into this roots of melodic dubstep. The pulsing synths during the drop garner some extra punch with the sharp percussion elements. The intricate sound design, state-of-the-art songwriting, and hugely impressive production is an incredible return after a year-and-a-half. And we’re excited to see what Seven Lions releases in 2020.

Seven Lions will be headlining Beyond Wonderland, Bonnaroo, Frequency, Anjunabeats Elevations, Ubbi Dubbi, and Escapade to name just a few. For dates, tickets, and more tour information, visit Seven Lions’ website.

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